Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grand Island Mansion Sunday Brunch 2-10-13

Today we are having the Sunday Brunch at the Grand Island Mansion to celebrate my sister and her best friends birthday.

This is from a previous VROC Ride.

We have used the rear parking lot of the Grand Island Mansion as a rest stop on many, many Rides along the Sacramento River Delta roads.  But we have never eaten at the place.  So today you can see what they serve for their only scheduled meal.  Their Sunday Brunch.

The menu
 Here's mom in her Sunday best garb.

Scalloped potatoes and quiche.

Breads, scones and fresh fruit.

Potatoes, quiche and the shrimp crepes.

Salad, Italian Toast and broccoli.

The shrimp crepes and Eggs Benedict.

Also there is herb seasoned prime rib.

Plus an entire dessert table.

Another view of the dessert table.

On the trip back home I take the back roads through Grand Island and decide to ride along Main Street in Isleton to take the short cut back to Highway 12.

To our surprise Lil is in town for a short while to check on her brother-in-law at the Rivers Edge Cafe.

Many of my riding buddies are familiar with the Rivers Edge Cafe in Isleton.  We used to eat there often.  Hopefully it will reopen in about a year from now when Clay retires from his civilian Army position.
Mom and Lil

Another picture of mom and Lil as Lil is taking a video

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